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Because there are so many unwanted and therefore homeless cats, JazzyCat hopes to raise the public's awareness of the plight of homeless cats and the benefit of spaying and neutering. (All JazzyCats are spayed or neutered).

We'd also like to help bring awareness to the public about the TNR (trap, neuter & return) programs in place that most, maybe all counties are offering now for feral cats. This is the single most important way to help keep the homeless and feral population down and maybe some day, no longer in existence.

And we want the world to realize the benefits of adopting a cat in need and adopting a cat no longer a tiny kitten. Many homeless or previously feral kitties become some of the most loving, loyal pets, they know how lucky they are.

JazzyCat is dedicated to caring for the wonderful & brave homeless cat with no one to treat is injuries or offer any kind of care.

Please help us save lives!

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